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About us

Part of the multimedia publishing industry, has been build with the purpose of managing and developing business directories and at the same time, supplying companies with the business lists required in any direct marketing operation. is a first-rate platform providing a comprehensive array of free data for users to browse and discover different entities such as companies, organizations, or institutions. Our company also provides free consultation services available online, along with rich directories with information on all the companies located in a country.

In our database, users can find detailed information on companies, including name, phone number, product category, website, e-mail address, size, and many other useful data.

In addition to consultation, our services also include:

  • free listing to companies willing to make available detailed information on their identity for reaching new potential customers through the visibility offered by our platform
  • delivery of accurate and detailed marketing lists compiled by our professional staff by researching a vast area of variants and reference factors to maximize the chances of high performance in every specific marketing operation